54th All Japan Aikido Demonstration - Report & Videos

54th All Japan Aikido Demonstration - May 28th 2016

The 54th All Japan Aikido is now over. Thank you very much to all fellow Aikidoists who came by to get some stuff from us or to just say hello. It was a pleasure to meet you face to face.

We did not only hold our booth for the day, we also had 2 staff members shooting the demonstrations, and we came up with more than 40 videos. 

You will find all the videos in our Youtube Playlist : 54th All Japan Aikido Demonstrations

We are almost back to normal here, and the very last orders placed during the weekend will be shipped today (May 31st). 

Thanks again for your support, and see you at the Takasaki IAF congress next September.

54th All Japan Aikido Demonstration - Report & Videos
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